Thursday, July 29, 2010

PINK concert in Kristiansand

P!NK in Kristiansand

I'm baccckkk

Hi there!!!

It's been two months since my last blog post. Time goes by so quickly these days. I am still adjusting a bit to my new job which is extremely physically and mentally demanding. To be honest I don't have much energy left after work to be thinking about blogging. Something has to change. I miss sitting behind the bench crafting jewelry on a regular basis. However, without having a regular income from jewelry sales I can not think about working less at my day job right now. The move down here has been very costly and we need to pay off a lot of bills. There are absolutely no regrets about having moved here though. It has been nothing short of fantastic. We still use our GPS quite a bit, but we can find our way around town pretty good these days. Such a lovely place, never mind the surrounding areas. The summer has been a huge treat for us so far. Much barbecuing and tanning on the back porch.
On jewelry news:
I am trying to pick out one day a week where I craft new items. I have to. My sketchbook is overfilled with tons of great new ideas and inspirations I picked up since we moved here. I seem to be drawn to simple silver designs, with a bit of natural elements such as leafs and flowers.
Right now I am having a sale in my Etsy shop for make room for new items next week.
I added some new items yesterday. Love making bracelets right now. The two bangles ( and ) you can find in my Etsy shop right now are made from quite thick 9 gauge sterling silver wire. Despite the thickness of the wire they are easily adjustable.

Lemme see what else is new....mhhhh...oh yeah...we attended P!NK's concert here in Kristiansand last weekend! What a production! She is an incredible force of energy! Must admit that it was the best concert in its genre I have ever seen and I have been to a few. I like artists who don't take themselves too seriously and she is one of them. Her Funhouse album always plays while working out.

Moving on now to my hair...hehehe...having had long hair most of my life I decided about two weeks ago to chop it all off! Too many bad hair days plus tons of maintenance. Darn, it feels good to have short hair. Why did it take me this long to do it? I'm feeling like I am unfolding and wanting to be just accepting of who I am and not hide behind a wall of insecurities. Enough is enough. Feels great to peel of those layers. Change is good, and gosh I have had a few major ones :-)

Hope all is well in your worlds!

Much love,

Here is a pictures of me and my new hairdo: