Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winner Announcement

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your nice comments regarding my jewelry! How kind of you all to take the time to look at my shop and pick out a favorite.

*drumroll* and the winner of one of my Bucket bubble necklaces is : Libby!! :-) Yayyyyy!

Again, thanks to everyone for your participation! I will have another give-away in July!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you!

Wow! Thanks so much for all your comments and participation regarding my June give-away! Nice to see how diverse everyone's tastes are, which is great for me since my Etsy shop primarily focuses on one of a kind pieces.

I know I've been lazy again keeping up my blog entries. To be honest, I have been so buys that I just haven't had the energy to fill you all in about my latest happenings.

Last week, John and I went on a nice drive around the island, bought some fast food ( which we only do perhaps once or twice a year ), found ourselves a nice spot on the beach and had lunch. See pictures below.

I am looking forward on taking some time off in the middle of August. It will be good to get away from my studio and come back refreshed with some new inspiration.

It is summer solstice today ( A solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice each year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is most inclined toward or away from the Sun, causing the Sun's apparent position in the sky to reach its northernmost or southernmost extreme) and most Scandinavians celebrate that with a barbeque on the beach and a bonfire. Unfortunately, as almost every year, it is raining on midsummer night.

If you have checked out my shop lately you will probably have noticed some new items with some fabulous juicy looking stones. I'm so lucky. I have an awesome team of stone suppliers ( sorry I won't reveal them ) from Italy and Germany. They have the most interesting and high quality gemstones here in Europe that I have been lucky enough to find.
I am working on some more new pieces and hopefully have a whole bunch ready to list sometime next week or perhaps the end of this week. I hope that will stir up some activity in my shop!

I'm off to bed. It's only 9:30pm and I can't stop yawning.

Wishing everyone a super fabulous day!

Ta da,


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Give-Away

Buckets anyone? I'm having a give-away this month and the winner will receive one of my bucket pendant necklaces that is inspired by a song by my sweet friend ( and Canadian Idol contestant ) Carly Rae Jepsen.

All you need to do is to scroll through my shop, including my sold items and comment here on which item (s) you'd like to see more of.

John and I

Ocean view from the backyard

Me in the backyard

Arctic summer

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh la la Turquoise

I'm so in love ( again ) with my latest creation that I had another hard time deciding whether I should keep this all to myself or offer it to someone who really is going to treasure it forever.
It is available in my Etsy shop

Will have a bigger update tomorrow! :-)



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rings'n things

Been a busy little bee these past couple of days, but managed to squeeze in a few rings and a lovely necklace that I finished today for the Etsy shop!

Here we go:

oopsy daisy...moi favorite! Composed from sterling silver and a beautiful red agate cabochon. I'm a bit on a spiritual path jewelry wise and like adding some little inspirational messages or words in forms of tags and such. Sometimes we just need a little reminder that keeps us on track wherever we are going and what better way to remind us to be happy? A piece of lovely jewelry from Sabine Andrea! Yayyyyy! :-) And I haven't even had coffee! ( I rarely drink that stuff ).

I have sketched the design of this ring months ago, but after taking a long walk and looking across the street at the ocean and surrounding valleys and mountains it came clear to me that I need to make this ring before the urge lessens. This ring resembles the waves, valleys and rugged mountains that surround us here in the north of Norway. ûber pretty:-)

This ring has been bezel set with a rough Apatite gemstone. I love the look of combining rough gemstones with precious metals. It gives a piece of jewelry a very cool organic look. Back to basics.

Hand forged ring with a fun circular and scalloped pattern. I'm in love with this one ( as well ) can't help it.

These lovey dovey earrings are made from juicy red coral beads, handmade bead caps and molten, flattened sterling discs. I love these and had to make a pair for myself.

Hope you are all happy and are enjoying some sunshine wherever you are...it is still freezing cold here in the north. Hope the sun will poke through the clouds soon so we can sit outside and bbq.

See ya later!