Sunday, October 24, 2010

Productive weekend

Well hello there! Long time no see!
It's bee a tad busy here the past couple of weeks. Much to do these days,  however, things have slowed down a bit now and life is getting back to a more steady rhythm.
I had such a great time this weekend in my studio, full of creative ideas. The muse was working non stop. Actually I could just keep on going, but since I have spend the majority of my two days off behind the bench I neglected those ever so fun chores around the house. It's a dreary fall day here in Sandefjord and while waiting for the tumbler to finish I decided to make a apple cake, well two in fact! Yummy moist apple cake with sugar glaze....oh can't wait for dessert...vanilla ice cream and warm apple cake...
I really shouldn't indulge, but cakes are few and far in between here in our household. I just love baking.

I just wanted to post some of my latest pieces here:

Druzy agate set in  sterling silver. Handmade embellishments grace the baseplate. Lightly oxidized to bring out the details.
Click here for the listing!

Gorgeous Indonesian agate set in sterling silver. Handmade embellishments.
Click here for the listing!

Sterling silver necklace with bezel set lapis and three turquoise cabochons. Handmade from start to finish without the use of commercially made parts.
Click here for the listing!

Sterling silver necklace with bezel set lapis and three turquoise cabochons. Handmade from start to finish without the use of commercially made parts.
Click  here  for the listing!

Gorgeous tiger eye cabochon set in a scalloped sterling silver bezel. Features two handmade leafs that show off the chain.
Click here for the listing!

Birch leaf pendant necklace. Handcrafted from scratch. Features picture jasper beads and Swarovski crystal pearls as well as two handmade leafs.

A deep green agate druzy is the focal point of this necklace. Handmade embellishments grace the baseplate and make this pendant pop!

Blue Jean baby! A nice thick kyanite cabochon set in a simple sterling silver bezel. The band is stamped with a small ringlets design.
Will be available in the shop tomorrow. Size 8.

I ordered tons of picasso jasper cabochons that hopefully will get here this coming week. I am planning on making tons of earrings with those. Ahhhh can't wait.

How is your weekend going? What have you been up to?

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,

Friday, October 8, 2010

New organic pieces

I guess my love for nature and especially fall really shines through in my work lately. Yesterday I ordered a ton of new cabs, some of them are gorgeous colored druzies, agates and all kinds of jaspers. Most of them are quite small which I will turn into earrings. I realize that I haven't made a lot of earrings for quite a long time. It was really my intention today to make a whole bunch, but I was just sitting there feeling like I have some sort of creative block when it came to thinking up a cool new design. I did however, have no problems making new necklaces.
The one pair of earrings that you see in this batch I had made a couple of weeks ago but had forgotten to take pictures of them. They are awesome ( me thinks ). They come with oval bezel set rainbow moonstones. The patina really makes the blue-ish flash come out in this lovely stones.
They are listed here:

Here we feature a hand sawed birch leaf necklace with a 9mm bezel set mother of pearl cabochon. 

This is the exact leaf that I replicated.

Click here for the listing:

The exact same leaf in copper minus the pearl but with two "drops of dew" from sterling silver.
I lightly oxidized it for a more dramatic and rustic effect. 

Will be available in the shop a little later on today!

And then there is another organic leaf necklace, this one also boasts a bezel set mother of pearl cab. A lovely design and great for everyday wear or to a nice black V-neck.

This adorable lotus pendant necklace is set with a 7mm amber cabochon.
I obviously obsessed with botanical jewelry lately.

Most of these will make it into the shop sometime today. If not, then for sure tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

xx- Sabine

Happy Friday

John and I have been trying to look for new spots around town to take pictures. We are still getting to know this place and there is always something new to discover. Yesterday, after I got off work we went to a local recreational park. The fresh smell of rain in this woodsy terrain still in the air, a soft forest floor and serenity. which was very much needed this week. This incredible property was owned once by the late Anders Jahre, a Norwegian shipping magnate. The city purchased it quite a few years ago. The mansion itself has been made into a museum which we'll have to visit some other time.

Here are some pictures I took of this incredible place:

Sculptures in the middle of the woods

An exhibition of marble sculptures

Rocky terrain

Exposed roots

Berries still green

John ♥

The mansion on the property. It is now a museum.

Sandefjord used to be a whaling town.

The most beautiful view of Sandefjord in pretty fall colors. Hard not to get inspired by this pretty place.

Bronze statue

Little paths leading into the forest

Luscious moss 

The gate in front of the entrance to the mansion.


I'm enjoying a three day weekend! There will be some new earrings on their way to the Etsy shop sometime this weekend!

How has your week been so far? What are your plans?

Enjoy your friday!