Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm on a roll

I'm having one those incredible bursts of utter joy this week. Uncontrollable inspiration. Too bad that there are "just" 24 hours in a day. Well, I think I have managed to squeeze out another couple of items and there are more to come by the end of this week! I just hope they will catch an eye or two and wander into someone else's home:D

On a sadder note: I am so upset with myself having ruined one of my super cute summer dresses John had picked out for me:(
Silly me was playing with oxidizing a piece when the jar fell out of my hand and went all over my lovely dress. Yes, "why don't you wear protective clothes while working?", was the end of my work day....tja....ah, excuses, yep. Clumsy moi.

I didn't realize how big of a job it is to defrost a freezer. With John being out of town for a few days playing gigs I decided to go wild and start cleaning the place from top to bottom, started with the freezer early on in the day, but I was still up at 1 am scraping the last few bits of ice off. Yikes, decided to take it easy today and enjoy myself by sitting outside to get a bit of color on this rather pale body of mine. I might have to squeeze in a nap and then I'm off to my studio for a continued round of metalwork.

So long folks!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another little stash of newbies

Nice having some spare time to create some new items this week. Been feeling so inspired these last few days, perhaps it has something to do with spending a lot of time outdoors and exploring the different beaches and of course one of my favorite places, the northern most botanical garden here in Tromsø. John and I were there yesterday for some photo shoots. John is a great photographer and has that "special" eye for a great shot. It's so fun being with someone that is creative in many ways as well. Nice to cheer each other on, give honest advice and support the other in whatever makes them happy and smile.

I will be posting some pictures a bit later of the our photo excursions. For now you'll get to see some of my latest ones:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh boy

I'm in trouble! My heart sings with utter joy and skips a few beats when I get to play with some stones. And boy, I can't wait to pick up some new stones ( especially Ocean Jasper ) when the Mr. and I get to Germany next month. I put in a HUGE order and am also thinking about selling some of my stones in my supply shop. Oh I just can't wait to go to some cool jewelry supply shops, get myself some new tools and tons of stones....*sigh*. I am working on a couple collections that are still in the sketching stages, involving pearls and organic sterling silver "woodsy" type pieces. I think it will be a nice collection, just in time for the holiday season. I think the trip to Germany will bring upon newfound inspiration in many ways. The Mr. and I really need some downtime. We both have been working hard this past year and can not wait to start driving, taking some pictures, putting up a tent along the coast in Sweden and listening to the waves crash in. Nevertheless it will be a fun trip.

My Etsy shop has been really slow in the past month or so. I don't think it's a good idea to keep on posting new items all the time if they are not selling right now. I am hoping things will pick up again after the summer. I am really glad to have a steady customer base here though. That keeps me busy throughout the year.

I've had a long day. Been up since 6 am and it is now 10:30 pm. Need to get some sleep which is not easy with the midnight sun in its full glory. However, it is quite spectacular to be able to sit outside past midnight with the sun shining brightly. Today we had 24 degress celsius!! Gorgeous day! Life is just great! Sometimes I really need to pinch myself.

I am grateful for being able to share my life with someone that could not fit me more, that believes in me and encourages me to pursue my dreams. He often helps me with new design ideas and once in a while sketches out a design idea he's been thinking about, like this one
I'd be so happy if someone would purchase it. It would mean a lot to me and to him, I'm sure :-)
I'm just saying....:-)

Ciao for now,


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Botanical pics

Once summer arrives here in the north of Norway one really has to try to make the most of it and enjoy each and every day when the sun is out. Today was one of those bright sunny days where I was able to sit outside in the backyard with a bowl of strawberries by my side and the affection of the neighbor cat in the back of my neck....mhhhhh, cozy indeed.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! :-)

Here are a couple of pictures I took this afternoon:

Introducing a piece from my vine collection