Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Jolly Holidays!

It's been ( again ) a while since my last post, but by the end of the day I was just not feeling creative enough to write. Been having tons of custom orders that needed to be filled before christmas. There were days when I spent 12-14 hours in my studio this past month. I loved every minute of it though. I must say that I feel quite humble and incredibly fortunate to be doing what I love to do most, jewelry design. It just warms my heart every time I make a sale and I never ever take that for granted. The great thing about being a jewelry designer for me is that I can constantly evolve, to better my craft and to stay in the present moment.
So, for all those of you who have supported my craft I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am truly grateful, more than you'll ever know! Just know that every piece I make, I do so with utter joy and excitement!

Oh it's christmas eve today and traditionally we celebrate on this day  here in Norway. I am excited to be cooking Pinnekjøtt, a traditional holiday meal. Pinnekjøtt are basically smoked Lamb ribs who have been salt cured for a couple of months. One has to soak the ribs in water the night before to get most of the salt out. Then they get steamed for about three hours, or until the meat falls off the bones. It is truly my absolute favorite meal. It is cooking as I'm typing this and the smell is bringing a smile to my face:-)
The pictures on top show the Pinnekjøtt ( translated= Stickmeat)  ready to be steamed on top of Pine sticks.

I have finished the last bit of baking as well last night and am quite pleased with the assortment. My gift to friends is usually a gift basket filled with all sorts of  home-baked goods which I am going to have to deliver before dinner is ready today.

We here at the Isvik household wish you all a very happy and peaceful  holiday season!

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