Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Have you found yourself to be at a crossroads from time to time?
Lately I have this urge to break out of my comfort zone and try some new designs, however, I think fear often holds me back from trying. Well, I am taking a big leap and without thinking about the cost of silver right now I am working on more bold and sassy designs. I have found myself to be stuck in a rut and not stretching myself enough when it comes to my work. Right now I am feeling so darn inspired that I could work none stop. Love it when it happens, however, the muse often strikes when there is much else going on such as my other job.  I went all nuts and ordered tons of new material and tools such as metal stamps. Hope they will get here soon.
We are taking a trip to Germany to visit my family in early august where I also will be attending a arts and craft fair. This trip also will give me a chance to purchase my cabs directly from my favorite stone cutters. I can't even tell you what it feels like to walk into a large room that is filled with shelves and drawers full of cabs in all sorts of colors, types and shapes. The last time I was there you could not drag me out of there. My boyfriend and my sister thought I am crazy to spend so much money on "just" stones. Thought they were going to have an intervention for me.

Today I enjoyed making some new items which all included turquoise, two of them I managed to get finish.
The necklace I made is so super lovely ( if I can boast my own horn ). It is composed of sterling silver and features 8 bezel set Kingman turquoise that surround a red juicy jade.
What a piece! It is large and bold and ever so lovely.
The earrings are crafted from copper, sterling and Kingman turquoise. I am not sure when I will be listing these items. I want to build a collection of new items and list them once I have cleared out some of the current pieces in my Etsy shop. I am having a HUGE sale right now, the biggest one to date. So please hop on over and snaggle up something before it will be gone forever.

Have a fantastic day!

~ Sabine


gallerydarrow said...

Gorgeous work!

That house on your header WOW! be still my heart!!!

nova by tess said...

I love your blog header too! Such an awesome photo. I think I'd be in big trouble if ever I was let loose in a lapidary store :o)

Echoes of Norway said...

Thank you Tess and Ro! I took this picture on our way home from Bergen while we were driving over the mountain pass. Just had to capture it. Funny stuff!
Going to Germany soon and can't wait to hit the shop of my stone guy. His whole basement is full of cabs, all organized in different shapes, kinds and sizes. Will take some pictures for sure! :)