Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct.2, 2011

It's a perfect day for staying inside. I could spend all day on the couch today. Perhaps it's the dreary fall weather or the restless night I had hearing the respect less neighbors partying until the wee hours of the morning. Obviously it doesn't help when the better half is gone, working night shift and you have no one to "bark" at them. I try not to get too closely involved utter than yelling some obscenities which they just seem to laugh at and ignore. Must have something to do with my german accent that somehow comes through when I get really pissed off or angry.
However, let's not get into my dislike for drunken, reckless people. I'll try my best to keep this blog free of foul language :)

Anyhoo, where were we? Oh yeah, I took a break from the bench today and decided to use some of my "domestic skills" and bake which is always a good substitute for me when I'm not behind the bench...hence the size of my hips....which reminds me that my stationary bike is calling me....darn...

I made a couple of batches of chocolate praline muffins

and I baked a healthy nutritious bread with sunflower seeds and crushed flaxseed.

I love baking bread. There is something so organic about it. Getting your hands all doughy while kneading. Ahhh, sometimes I miss my days when I worked as a pastry chef. 
But what I miss the most is a Artisan Kitchen Aid mixer. I wish I would have one. I left mine in Canada when I moved here since the power supply here is different. They are out of this world expensive here ( like everything else ). You can't get a Kitchen Aid mixer for under $800 dollars!! I am not willing to pay this much money. It's total rip-off. 
I don't want to substitute for a different kind. There is no better one!

What have you done this lovely sunday?

Hope life is treating you well in whatever part of the world you are!

Thanks for reading!



littlecherryhill said...

oh those baked goodies look great! Spesh the bread. Yum! I would love a Kitchen Aid mixer too...but they're about $800 here as well :( Enjoy your bread ♥

Dina said...

I bought one for an engagement present when I lived in Sweden for a bit under 4000SEK. You could check the other side of the border :)
And when you do get one you should make a shop to sell those muffins because you just killed me with those pics!

Echoes of Norway said...

Wow, thought Norway is the only country that charges so much for a Kitchen Aid mixer. What's the deal with these high prices?

Will check to see if I can find a decent priced Kitchen Aid in Sweden on my next trip.
Always wanted to have a coffee shop with really scrumptious goodies, but not sure if I could get myself out of bed so darn early again every day :)