Friday, February 18, 2011

Letting go

I don't often get very personal here on my blog, but today I thought to share something with you that has been on my mind a lot these past couple of years.
Having grown up in Germany with a work ethic bigger than anyone would ever expect of someone has made me into a person that no longer feels refreshed, or energetic.  Every job I have ever had I put my heart and soul into it. I worked hard, often doing a job that is meant to be shared by two and thinking that this is the way it's supposed to be.
My parents obviously didn't realize how much damage they inflicted when they raised a child that was constantly pushed to believe that without a super-human work effort one would achieve nothing.

I can't get into great details here, however,  everything  I do or try to learn I do to the best of my ability. I am a great believer in doing a job well, which hasn't changed, it is just that I am often completely worn out and on my days off I feel like a wilded vegetable. Going to take better care of myself. It is a commitment I am going to stick to.
Sooo, I have decided as of today I am letting go. I am letting go of pushing myself too hard, to not beat myself up and to be content with the person I am.
I will be putting more energy into the things I love the most, which is John, my rock and the most beautiful person inside and out,  and then of course my love for metalsmithing.
Growth, a never ending path that inspires me to become a better person to myself and others.

Here is to letting go!

Lastly, thank you so much to all of my lovely customers who made a purchase these past couple of weeks! You all rock and keep me inspired to do better and greater work! THANK YOU!

Have a lovely and content weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading!



Two B's said...

Ahhhh, you mean we can really do that?
Both my mom & dad were born and raised in Deutshland...I understand and am envious!

Echoes of Norway said...

Were you also raised with a ├╝ber-ambitious german work ethic? Oh boy, I am sure there are many more...

The letting go part is a work in progress. I really hope that one day I can be free and not think that my self worth is measured by my darn work ethic. Sadly, no one thanks you for it. Sometimes we just have to make some changes with what we are unhappy about instead of complaining about it.