Saturday, August 20, 2011

The muse has struck

Ever since we got back from our lovely trip to Germany I have been working in my studio. It's been so great to find new inspiration, plus purchasing tons of new stones.
I even had the chance to go to a mineral and fossil sale and exhibit. What fun that was! Gosh, I wish they would have those shows here in Norway.
I must admit that my heart was very heavy upon returning home. My family means the world to me and to have to leave again was heart breaking. I have not lived in Germany since 1991 and I know my parents, especially my mother has had it difficult over the years not having me close by. We have always been extremely close. She has supported me quietly over all those years and never ever interfered with the way I live my life. She gives great advice and is the most warm hearted person I have ever met. I love her to bits and can not wait until my next visit. Hopefully christmas.
I tried converting my sadness into creativity by spending some good quality time behind my bench this weekend and have to say it was like therapy. I feel refreshed, calm and and joyful after having been able to work behind my bench. I feel so blessed for the life I have and for the love I get to feel every single day.

Hope this weekend is full of joy and creativity for you as well!

I think I am going to chill the rest of the night with a iced Bailey's and some milk and watch an episode of Project Runway!

Happy saturday all!


Here are some new pieces: