Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The next step

After much thought and support from John I decided to cut back to 2-3 day weeks at my day job. This will give me the opportunity to focus more on building up my jewelry business.
I just couldn't see myself getting any further with it the way I have been working on my day job. It is a very physical and often stressful job which often times made me extremely drained of creative energy. I have this need to grow, to learn new techniques and to experiment a bit to further my craft. 
Since having made the decision to cut back some hours I feel more relaxed and at ease. Ideas have been swarming in by the dozens. What a great feeling. It's so liberating. 
I am thinking about heading "down" to Munich in the end of October to go and visit the Mineral and jewelry show ( ) to purchase more stones for both John and myself.

John has opened up a stone shop on Etsy: Fabby Dabby Gemstones
Go and check it out. He'll be adding new ones on a daily basis.

Have a fantastic day all!

Thanks for reading!


Chrome Opal Necklace in Sterling Silver

Moss Agate Pendant Necklace with decorative setting

Beautiful Montana Agate Pendant Necklace

Hollow Form Pendant Necklace with Amethyst

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nova by tess said...

That is great! I wish I could cut back on my day job as well.

Echoes of Norway said...

Thanks! I'll see how it goes in the next few months. I do have quite a good customer base here in Norway which I'm really grateful for. Otherwise the decision to cut back my day job to 50% would have been much harder.

Have a fantastic weekend Tess! :)