Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last shop update before the end of the year

Hello friends,

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who has supported my work over this past year! I'm up to 704 sales! WOW! This has been my most successful year on Etsy. 704 sales might not be much to some, but to me it is huge! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Throughout this journey I have met some incredible people from all over the world which makes selling on Etsy so much more fun. Nice to be able to interact with customers and to get to know some of you.
I see now that I did the right thing about cutting my hours back at my day job so I can focus more energy on what I love to do most. This bonus energy also helps me to focus on becoming better at what I do and gives my muse more time to play with. I will try my best to grow in my craft and as a person over the next year.

There will be one more smallish shop update tomorrow, perhaps one more on thursday. I'll see how much time I have left. We are driving to Germany on thursday ( a 1150km/ 710mile journey ). We'll be staying the night in Cologne so that we can visit a local gem and stone show there on saturday and their traditional christmas market. On sunday we are off to visit my family. I am so looking forward to it. There is to hoping that I can withstand overindulging. I have my doubts since I can't disappoint my mother by not eating some of her baked christmas goodies.

My Etsy shop will remain open for the two weeks I'll be gone for. There are home jewelry parties that I hosting plus a small, intimate art show. So, my jewelry is coming with me. I have made quite a large amount of new items for those occasions. Whatever is left I will list in my shop.
It will be great to find new and interesting stones. John is eager to find new ones also for his stone shop. My dad has already planned a trip to one of my favorite stone guys. Lots to do and see which I love!

I'll be updating my blog with pictures of the trip over the next couple of weeks!

How are you spending your christmas this year?

Thanks for reading!


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