Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

First of all I wish everyone a Happy New Year. A little late I know, but life has been so busy since we returned from Germany. Also I would like to extend a HUGE Thank You for everyone who made a purchase during my SALE!! I appreciate you all so much!

We had such a wonderful time with my family. It was wonderful to have the whole family, including my two sisters Anja and Bianca together again. We joked, laughed and cried. My family had no idea that we are coming for christmas. John and I drove a straight 9 hours from the northern part of Denmark ( Hirtshals ) to Cologne in Germany. The weather was treacherous. Driving on the Autobahn with most often no speed limit can make you feel quite vulnerable, especially on snow stormy nights. Unbelievable how fast people drive, even under such conditions. We spent the night in Leverkusen just outside of Cologne and went to a gem and fossil show just behind the beautiful large cathedral in Cologne. After that we did some serious shopping. From there on we decided to drive 3 hours south to visit my family.
John had purchased Santa masks and brass bells. So when we drove into my parents driveway we put the masks on and rang the bells. Funny enough my sisters were there including my niece and nephew. So cute to see the look on their faces when we walked in. My mother had this disbelieved look on her face. My dad was at the time in his woodworking studio where he was carving the last few figurines for the nativity scene that go under the tree. I went inside, knocking first, with my Santa mask on and he thought it was one of his friends pulling a joke on him. Priceless. We had such a great time. It was good on the soul I can tell you! However, as good as it was, it was utterly painful to leave. It just doesn't get any easier.
My dad had Chemo therapy just a few days before we left. The side effects are not very pleasant as chemo therapy kills bone marrow and with that the immune system.
I am so proud of him for being so positive and strong even though he has a huge battle ahead of him. I hope with all my might that he can beat this nasty disease. It is hard on my mother as well. Ahhh, I feel helpless being so far away. Just when my family needs me the most I can not be near. It sucks. Big time.

On a lighter note, John and I got engaged on our last day with my family!!! It was so sweet! Both of my parents can't wait to plan the wedding. If everything goes as planned we are getting married in June in Germany. No church wedding. We are not very traditional people and just want a small intimate ceremony.

After getting home I couldn't wait to start working in my studio. Partially so that I can focus all of my emotional energy into some creative work. It always works for me. Time goes by lightning fast. Being in the moment and enjoying every minute of it. There is this sense of peace that overcomes me when in my creative zone. It's like therapy.
So I made some new items. I purchased some gorgeous quartz crystals and some other lovely stones in Germany and made some good use of them.

I am also working on a new collection of hand cast items and more affordable made to order items. It will take me a while to get everything organized and put into action. I feel the need for growing out of my comfort zone when it comes to my designs. There is this urge to reinvent my work. It's a good thing I think because I don't want to become stagnant or stop learning.

Yikes, this is a longer post than I anticipated it to be. If you are still reading by this point, thank you!

Below are a few pictures of our trip to Germany.

How was your holiday? Hope everyone had a very peaceful and joyous time!

Cathedral in Cologne

Colognes longest shopping street, December 18th,2011

My mothers delicious thumbprint cookies.

Yummy vanilla crescent cookies from my moms kitchen...

Lambs my Dad carved for the nativity scene.

Angel my creative Dad carved

Arch high up in the vineyards

View from a castle into a neighboring town, surrounded by vineyards.

Lonesome house amidst tons of vineyards, Dec.26th

Sundial at the castle

Castle Staufenberg near my parents home

High up in the vineyards. As you can see there is no snow and it was Dec. 26th

Scary carving on the entrance door to the castle. Perhaps designed to scare off potential intruders many many years ago...

Sunset at my parents place.

Have a great rest of the week everyone! 

Thanks for reading!



littlecherryhill said...

So happy for you both!! And so sad for you for having to leave your parents when you need to be with them. I hope he pulls through this and beats the disease! look forward to seeing the new lovlies you create ♥

Echoes of Norway said...

Thanks so much Emma! ♥♥♥