Friday, April 6, 2012

New from the bench

Hi all, 
How are you?
Today I woke up to snowfall! We haven't had a day of rain or snow in weeks. In fact we've had some pretty warm spring days already in march. But I am not going to complain. Living down south is no comparison to were we used to live. 69 degrees north, above the arctic circle. I can now deal with pretty much any kind of weather. 
Yesterday I took a day off everything, well almost. My neck was hurting so much, to the point were I could hardly move, so I thought it's time to take it easy and do as little as possible. I think my leather apron might be the culprit of my neck pain in the last little while. It's heavy and seems to drag my neck down if that makes any sense. Today I just tied it around my waist instead and it feels less strained.
I finally finished the majority of my textured spring collection. The simplicity of these items really hit home. I love them. Just looking at them gets me in a better mood. I'm  just in this happy frame of mind at the moment where everything seems to fall into place. I stopped criticizing and doubting my work and just let it flow. I'm my own worst critic, which is a good thing isolated, but if misused can drive me crazy.

So below you can see my latest items. Modern textured items with gorgeous stones. They'll bring a smile to your face as soon as you put them on! :)

Again, it's late. I have pretty bad time management when it comes to my work. It seems to take me forever to start my day. Most days I don't get to go to my studio until after 11am. There are always tons of things to do...well, *coughs* I get easily distracted...

Hope you friday is as good as mine and then some!

I'm going to go turn on my Kitchen Aid ( yes, my super sweet J man bought me one over christmas ) and make some bread dough and watch the latest episode of The Apprentice. Oh man, I wonder if I can stomach another episode with Aubrey and Lisa..yikes...

Ciao for now!

Thanks for reading!



littlecherryhill said...

Your new work looks great! I don't get to my bench till much later in the day either...always something else to do first lol. I've been watching the apprentice too and I've gotta say, if I had to work with those 2 (Aubrey and Lisa) I would fire myself!

Lissie said...

Skikkelig flotte smykker du lager!
Ha en riktig god helg!