Sunday, September 7, 2008

Coming soon

I have been working a lot on my winter collection and haven't had much time posting. It's coming together nicely though.
The season has changed into fall now ( my favorite time of the year ) and I am unstoppable when it comes to being creative. There is something about this season that makes me calm, slows down my pace, clears my head and keeps my more focused. Summers up here above the arctic circle seem so hectic sometimes. People get stressed when we don't get much of a summer. This year we have had maybe two days with temperatures of 21 degrees ( 69 Fahrenheit ). So you can imagine that people get quite bummed out and depressed, especially with the upcoming 24hr. arctic darkness. It works well for me when it comes to my creativity though.
Now I am off to bake some yummy wholesome bread! I will be posting some of my latest pieces within the next week! Stay tuned!

Have a happy sunday!

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