Friday, September 26, 2008

Norwegian Spice Buns

I must have lost my's almost 10PM and I am making Spice Buns in between soldering batches of pendants that are on order for a boutique I supply to.

Been up since 6 AM and awake since 5 AM. My sweet BF John is out playing a gig with his band in a neighboring town. He is the drummer ( had once received an award for best new drummer in Norway ) and occasionally lead singer. He rocks.

Rumor has it that the girls out there in Hansnes ( the town John is playing at tonight ) are having a Dildo and Make-up party happening in the local pub before the band starts playing. HA! That should make for an interesting evening for the lads.
I can just see the smile on John's face....:)

I will be posting some Spice Bun Pictures in a little while....I can smell them already......mmmhhh.......midnight snack anyone?

See ya back in a while...


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