Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!

 Hi Everybody! Seems like an eternity since the last time I posted here. I have been super busy with custom orders and getting ready for two craft shows that are coming up on the 8th and 9th, 15th and 16th of this month here in Tromsø. I am still struggling with the decoration part of it.  I have way too many different ideas every time I enter these shows. I can never seem to make up my mind what kind theme to have. I like to keep things clean and not so cluttered.

I have also decided to take almost all the jewelry from my Etsy shop and use those pieces in those two shows. So, if there is any special piece that you like you should get it now or let me know if you want me to reserve an item for you. I can't guarantee that those items will be back in my shop after the weekend.
I have many new exciting items planned in the near future. If time allows I will get some of them made before the holidays. I am also going to offer some items that are going to be priced quite a bit lower such as earrings and bracelets. 
Many plans in the making, stay tuned!

It is yucky and rainy outside right now, but will try and see if I can go for a quick run. I have neglected my body so much these last few months by eating way too much chocolate and delicious Norwegian food. I feel a bit out of shape these days and need to do something about it so I can feel more energized and healthier. 

It's almost dinner time here and I better get my butt out of the house before I change my mind ( which happens a lot...:) 
The menu tonight will be slow cooked lamb with boiled potatoes, steamed carrots and a crisp green salad.

Drop me a line if you like and let me know how YOU are doing! Would love to hear from all of you!

Hope you are all doing well!



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