Thursday, November 6, 2008

New pieces

It's been quite a productive day here at the Isvik household. Got up early, finished some of my jewelry, baked some bread and took a ton of pictures. I wanted to try a new background for my pictures and came up with this crazy idea of having pictures of baked delicate items serving as my background to showcase my jewelry. I'm still not sure what to think. I have gotten so used to the blueish backgrounds that it almost seems like shock to see the new ones. Although I think they turned out pretty good and funky, just not sure if it will work for the shop.
I would really love it if I would get some honest feedback from everyone about it!

So, as promised yesterday here are some of my latest items, some of which are already in my shop!

I'm going to get myself some hot chocolate, turn on the news and chill for the rest of the night!

Have a great day/evening ( depending on where you are )!



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