Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another little stash of newbies

Nice having some spare time to create some new items this week. Been feeling so inspired these last few days, perhaps it has something to do with spending a lot of time outdoors and exploring the different beaches and of course one of my favorite places, the northern most botanical garden here in Tromsø. John and I were there yesterday for some photo shoots. John is a great photographer and has that "special" eye for a great shot. It's so fun being with someone that is creative in many ways as well. Nice to cheer each other on, give honest advice and support the other in whatever makes them happy and smile.

I will be posting some pictures a bit later of the our photo excursions. For now you'll get to see some of my latest ones:

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janil said...

I found a lot of wonders in your posts!!!!(I was on holidays and I couldn't visit you these days!!!).