Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm on a roll

I'm having one those incredible bursts of utter joy this week. Uncontrollable inspiration. Too bad that there are "just" 24 hours in a day. Well, I think I have managed to squeeze out another couple of items and there are more to come by the end of this week! I just hope they will catch an eye or two and wander into someone else's home:D

On a sadder note: I am so upset with myself having ruined one of my super cute summer dresses John had picked out for me:(
Silly me was playing with oxidizing a piece when the jar fell out of my hand and went all over my lovely dress. Yes, "why don't you wear protective clothes while working?", was the end of my work day....tja....ah, excuses, yep. Clumsy moi.

I didn't realize how big of a job it is to defrost a freezer. With John being out of town for a few days playing gigs I decided to go wild and start cleaning the place from top to bottom, started with the freezer early on in the day, but I was still up at 1 am scraping the last few bits of ice off. Yikes, decided to take it easy today and enjoy myself by sitting outside to get a bit of color on this rather pale body of mine. I might have to squeeze in a nap and then I'm off to my studio for a continued round of metalwork.

So long folks!


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