Monday, August 3, 2009

Featuring a fierce Labradorite necklace

I'm busy as a bee these days, trying to make some more items for my jewelry show in a couple of weeks in Germany. I am not sure what to expect, but hope it will go well. In the meanwhile, if you have an eye out for one of my pieces in my Etsy shop. I would suggest that you get it before the 14th of August since I won't be able to guarantee that those pieces will still be available after the show.
I'm pretty excited to get away for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to the long drive ( 36 hours ). John and I love driving! It will be a ton of fun I'm sure.

It's 9 pm and I need to get cracking. I have to pick up John from work, plus the dishwasher still needs some serious attention ( emptying and filling ), plus washing the laundry, plus folding, plus ironing....ahhh, sounds incredibly exciting. I don't know how you mothers out there do it. I can't understand how two people can have sooo much laundry...every single day. Is that possible?

We've been having such great weather these past two weeks. Hard to believe that living above the arctic circle can produce temperatures up to 25 degrees C. It's keeping everyone's spirits up! :D

Okay, nuff for now!

Have a good one!




Kellie Graham said...

That is sooo beautifull!

Sabine said...

Thanks so much! :D