Saturday, August 1, 2009

My birthday gift to the Mr.

I often find it very difficult to purchase something for John since he has ( almost ) everything. He gives me little hints here and there but ultimately it is nice to receive something that one doesn't expect. This time, for his birthday I asked a friend of mine who is a VERY talented artist to draw a caricature of John including some of his most beloved and characteristic things which include his smile, drum kit, love of music and his philosophy of living strong ( he wears the Lance Armstrong yellow wrist band ). When I first saw the drawing I almost started crying for joy. It contains the very essence that John radiates to me which is joy when he sits behind his drum kit and gets to play with his band. :D

If you are interested in getting a loved one something VERY special like this caricature, let me know and I would gladly get you in touch with him. He charges a $100 USD for a A3 caricature. He is also great at portrait drawing and drew a portrait of Bill Clinton when he was here in Tromsø about two years ago that he got to take back home.

Here is the drawing of John which is copyrighted by the artist Rolf Klaudiussen! Please do not copy unless you have gotten permission to do so! Thank you!

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