Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm in absolute heaven. Finally arrived in Germany late sunday night after three days of driving ( 36 hours of driving ). It was incredible to drive all the way through sweden which has the BEST highways in the world. Stockholm is utterly beautiful and I hope we get to spend some time there on our way back. I was so amazed how big and vast Scandinavia is. I'm so lucky to be living in such a beautiful place.
The german Autobahn is an absolute nightmare and a fascination at the same time. With no speed limit you can only imagine how fast people are driving. We were stuck in traffic jams several times in 30 degrees ( 86 fahrenheit ). John and I switched driving several times during the long drive on the autobahn because of the high amount of stress and concentration we needed to keep up with these speeders. I even drove a few times about 160 km/h. It felt good actually, but a tad scary.

John and I went to an italian ice cream parlor for lunch today. Oh how I missed my italian ice cream. Simply delicious.
Afterwards we went on a stroll down main street and found a rock shop with incredible cabochons that I have never seen before. Of course I had to spend a big pile of my Euros to get me some. I could've bought every single one of them. They were all really gorgeous. I will have an update and pictures tomorrow!

I'm off for a trip around the country side!


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