Friday, September 25, 2009

Coin Magic


I went through my boyfriend's coin collection and got to choose a couple of coins to use in a new design idea. I absolutely love this piece and might have to make a few more if they are well received by my lovely customers.
The coin featured in this piece is a 1916 british half penny featuring King GeorgeV. The coin is in really good condition. I cleaned it thoroughly and gave it a nice shine with the finest steel wool available.
The setting around the bezel is somewhat organic which I think suits this piece perfectly. I wanted it to look like one of those wax seals and I think I achieved that to my liking! :-)

It will be in the Etsy shop later today!


Ruby Mountain Beads said...

very nice. reminds me of a shop I saw recently in Las Vegas that had ancient roman and Greek coins set as jewelry. I like it!

Carol B said...

I love the organic setting!

Stormy said...

I think it's fabulous!