Monday, September 28, 2009

This morning I awoke to an ever so close approaching snow line. It is already quite cold and winter is just around the corner. Today was the first day in about three weeks without rain. A beautiful sunny day, cold, but very cozy. I went for a nice brisk walk this afternoon trying to take in as much sunshine as possible as the days will get much shorter and therefore darker in the coming weeks.
I've been contemplating about taking new pictures of my jewelry. So today I took a few of them outside to re-shoot and I actually like them better now than the other ones. If the weather holds up tomorrow I will try and shoot the rest of them. We'll see.
I'm also thinking about purchasing some Alpaca wool so I can knit some christmas presents and perhaps a shawl for moi. I am seeking balance in my life which I find truly difficult lately. I know that I really need to eat more healthy ( the mountain of sweets that we brought back from Germany is almost gone ) and exercise more. I used to be so disciplined. Right after work I used to go straight to the gym to work out for an hour. I felt great, although I had to take a LONG nap afterwards, but I was in the best shape ever. I miss that feeling. Funny since I always say that instead of complaining about a problem one has to either accept the situation as it is or move on and do something about it. Well, my promise to myself is to get back in shape to be healthy. No more excuses! I'll inform you about my process...

Now for something completely different:
I've gots a new beauty to show off today! A gorgeous golden rutile quartz necklace! Click here
There are more pieces on their way into the shop this week, just got to finish them up and take some pictures!

I wish you all a happy monday with tons of positive thoughts!


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