Monday, October 12, 2009

Is this Justice?

I have long been thinking that the Norwegian judicial system needs some serious upgrading in many ways, but one upgrade that sends a very serious message to all the child molesters here in Norway.
Not much more outrageous me than child abuse.
Just now read a story in one of the biggest newspapers here in Norway ( Dagbladet ) that a man got sentenced to 60 days in jail for molesting his own daughter, his step daughter and a friend. This kind of sentencing sends out a message that it is basically okay to molest a child. I'm just outraged every time I read this sort of thing. I'm worried for all the kids out there that have to endure this kind of horrible abuse with the perpetrator walking the streets again in just a few weeks.
How frightening it must be for a child to know that this person will be out of jail in next to no time. So much anxiety, never mind the psychological aspect of it all. Just incredible. I feel I just can't sit back anymore and let this happen. The laws need to toughen!
We need to protect the children!

Just needed to vent!


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