Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I guess the many walks I take got me inspired to make some rustic nature inspired pieces. I have more on the way, but I thought to give you a little sneak peak to what I have been up to lately:

One necklace features a hand sawed oak leaf silhouette pendant with a 14 carat gold pebble along with some textured marks to outline the design and give it some definition. Reminds me of those crisp cold winter nights here with the moon illuminating the rugged terrain.
The other necklace is flanked by a hand sawed Gingko leaf and a stunning orange carnelian cabochon. This also has been textured with tiny hammer marks and some "grass" on the bottom.
Then we have a pair of the sweetest earrings ( well in my humble point of view ) that are my new favorites: A pair of hand sawed oak leafs that are shown off by a molten sterling pebble. Just delightful and so unique. If they sell well I will make more of them.

All of these pieces have been oxidized and given a nice selective brushed satin finish.

Hope you'll like them as much as I do!

I'm going back behind my bench now and try to finish some more pieces I have started earlier today! It's just going to be a wonderful creative day! I think I will just skip my walk today ( it's raining ) and listen to Michael Bublé's new album while I saw away....sounds great, doesn't it?

Hope you are all doing just swell!


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