Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rolling mill gone rusty

While I was in Germany I purchased myself a new rolling mill. It was so much easier to purchase one there since we were there with the car. That way we avoided outrageous amounts of shipping and duty costs.
Well, I finally got it mounted onto my studio table and when John tried to change one of the rollers, one of the bolts holding the roller broke right off. Underneath and the area surrounding the the bolt had tons of rust on it. I wonder how long this machine has been sitting in the warehouse of this rather large jewelers supply company. I will have to try and find a metalworker here in town that might be able to get the rest of the screw out. I just hope I won't have to send the machine back to Germany. That would be a costly procedure. I am sure they won't cover the cost of shipping. The machine weighs in at whooping 55 pounds! Wish me luck! I won't want to have to buy a new one! Those items don't come cheap.

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Ruby Mountain Beads said...

Oh! What a bummer! I can imagine you were so ready to use it after it was mounted. How disappointing to have to try to get it fixed. I wish you the best of luck in getting it fixed.