Sunday, October 3, 2010

Local park life

This time of the year its extra special to be taking a walk through the local park here in Sandefjord. The leafs are changing colors and all sorts of fun little organic bits can be found like acorns, feathers, leaves, branches that are blown down from the strong winds we've been having. I just love this time of the year. The other day John and I went back, this time with a chunk of bread to feed some of the birds.

I was surprised how much these lovely swans can be so demanding. Some of them were hissing and almost ready to attack to get a little bite.

Nevertheless fun to photograph, especially during the evening sun. The light was just right, reaching through the trees and putting a fantastic glow on the water surface.
John feeding the geese. They are so cute and friendly. He looked like the goose whisperer there.

A curious little duck, anticipating a little snack perhaps?

Three geese lined up in a row, obviously watching John's every move to not miss a little crumb.

I just loved the colors on this bird. Not really sure if it is a turkey or some kind of goose.

A swan approaching the rest of the pack to see what all the fuss is about.

Curious duck

I enhanced these two last pictures a little bit to bring forth the intensity of these lovely fall colors.

Lastly, I couldn't help, but be inspired to make a few new pieces of jewelry. Rustic, rugged and organic pieces of hearts with bezel set stones, a artsy one of a kind bracelet and a couple of other necklaces. Unfortunately when I started to take pictures this morning it started to rain. I wasn't able to take pictures of all the new items, but hoping that the rain will lessen during the day. I have a light box, but it is so large that I need to take it down every time I set it up. We'll need to move to a larger place sometime early next year so we can have more room to set up a photography studio so I don't have to worry to go outside to take the pictures. I do think natural light is the best when taking pictures of jewelry.

Here are a couple of pictures of the new items that I managed to take:

A gorgeous ( if I can lose my humbled nature for a second ) bracelet with handcrafted and embellished sterling silver pieces, red coral, purple lace agate, hematite, onyx, enameled charms and Swarovski beads. The handcrafted links are oxidized and brushed to a satin finish. It measures 7" inches in length and can be made larger to fit your wrist upon request.

Rugged and organic heart pendant necklace. Hand formed from sterling silver and set with a 6mm garnet gemstone. Oxidized and selectively polished to a satin finish to bring out the rustic details. Inspired by the rugged landscape here and the fall.
The chain features a small stamped tag "E O N" which stands for Echoes of Norway which is my Norwegian line of jewelry.
Another rugged heart pendant necklace in the same style. This one, however features a 6mm black onyx cabochon.

Hope you like these as much as I do!

I'm feeling such inspiration today to sit behind my bench and create some organic pieces. Thinking about crafting some rugged circles with bezel set gemstones. 

How has your weekend been so far? Have you done something creative?

Thanks for reading!


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