Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More new items

I can't seem to stop casting these days. Never thought it would bring me this much joy and fulfillment in terms of metal-smithing. I find new ideas all the time that would be great for casting. It is a great, needed change from my other, more elaborate bezel set designs, in my point of view.
It's a new avenue to explore and the possibilities are endless. I realize my latest creations are kind of dark and rustic, a tad old world style, but I absolutely love it! There is a lot of thought and time that goes into these pieces.

I am working on my catalogue of made to order items so that it will be easier for me to sell on different online venues.
There have been requests for more earrings in my Etsy shop. I am working on that, as I really want to make something unique. I actually have started on a pair of ear cuffs. Just need to tweak it a bit.

Next month John and I are driving to Germany to visit my family for x-mas. It will be a surprise visit. Can't wait! My dad's prostate cancer has spread to the bones. Last month he had received some radiation, but it turned out that his cancer had spread to other parts as well. He is now receiving a heavy dose of chemo. I so hope his cancer will go into remission. He has a very aggressive type of prostate cancer which he has battled with now off and on since 2004.
I'll hope for the best. Having left Germany to move to Canada at the age of 21 I didn't see my family very often. The distance made us grow apart quite a bit. However, since I have moved back to Europe we have rekindled a beautiful bond again. Even though I miss Canada quite often at times, I think it is important for me to be near my family.
It will be nice to eat tons of different christmas bakings like gingerbread coated with chocolate....mmmh yummy! Most of all it will be good to be around loved ones during this time of year.

What are you planning on doing for the holidays?

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