Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What wonderful spring weather we've been having. Yesterday we had 21 degrees C and today we're having 18. I almost feel guilty sitting behind the bench. However, I did sneak in a little walk around the neighborhood this morning.
Spring bulbs such a crocuses are in full bloom.

A few hours were spent behind the bench working on a couple of custom order rings and three pairs of earrings for the shop. I'm in a earring mode at the moment. It's funny how it works. A few weeks back someone asked me why I don't make a lot of earrings. To be honest, I make what I'm in the mood for. If I need to sit by my bench trying desperately to be inspired making anything, that takes the fun out of it for me. The purpose for me making jewelry is that whatever I make comes from a deep inspiration or for a lack of better words, the muse.

So today we have two pairs of "confetti" type earrings and one pair of "Stillwater" earrings.
I have been meaning to make confetti earrings for a while now. I think they are fun and no two are alike. A tad abstract, yet with an organic look and feel. 

These ones are post "stud" earrings which come with lustrous mother of pearl cabs.

They are so pretty, I think I need to make a pair for me as well.

Another pair of "confetti" earrings. These ones feature beautiful natural amber. I love how the reflect in the sun.
 They'll make you smile all day.

And lastly we have a pair of "stillwater" earrings which feature gorgeous rose cut aqua chalcedony pear cabs. As I mentioned in my last post. I'm in love with blues and greens these days. 

You should've heard me gasp when I got a large shipment of chalcedony stones last week. Others would think I have gone insane getting excited for stones...:)

Well, the sun is still shining and I think there might be a soft ice cream in order for today. In fact, this years first ice cream!

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful wednesday as well!

Thanks for reading!


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