Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well hello again,
I must admit I have been contemplating if I should stop blogging altogether since there seems to be no consistency. I seem to be going in spurts where I absolutely love it, and on the other hand I'm struggling to keep it going.
So, I decided to give it another try. This time I am going to try blogging earlier in the day and not at the end of the day when I'm feeling tired.
Often I feel like I don't really have all that much to say. I'm too hard on myself ( german work ethic roots ) *coughs*. Enough said...
However, I feel incredibly inspired these days and can't seem to stop to produce new jewels. Even on days when the muse is in a hibernating mood I still try to make something, or at the very least try to learn a new technique. It works for me, although I realize that I need to take more time to just chill and to have those quiet moments to regain my energy. Last week I decided to go back to the gym. There is a new one down the street that opened a little while ago. Oh it feels so damn good again to be on the treadmill and working a good sweat. When I go for my nature walks I usually take it quite slow. It's sort of meditative for me, to take in all the smells and sounds around me.
Speaking of sounds. Today, when I was working in my studio, I had the window open and heard the most amazing bird chirping orchestra. Spring is definitively here. I think the neighborhood cat is engaging a daily early morning fight with the magpie birds whom seem to live in our backyard. Never knew those birds can make SO much noise.

John and I have ordered a ton of new cabochons including chalcedony in different shades, amethyst, white opal, chrysoprase and quartz. They should be getting here early next week. Looking forward to be using some of them in my designs. As you probably have noticed I'm using a lot of green and blue shades in my latest designs. I'm just so in love with those colors at the moment. After all, winter is over, out with the dark, in with the bright and colorful.

Please check out John's shop. He's updating it with beautiful new stones all the time. Check back once in a while and if there is a stone you like to be made into a design, let me know! Click here.

Have a wonderful, happy tuesday! It's almost midnight and I'm off to bed!

Nighty night!

New sprouts on my lilac bush

New sprouts on my lilac bush

New sprouts on my lilac bush



littlecherryhill said...

I've a new bench and I can't seem to find my muse to get to it....got too much on my mind right now. At least it's cooling down somewhat now :) Please if you can share her (your muse) with me I would be most grateful! ♥

Echoes of Norway said...

It's so frustrating when the muse isn't present. I can totally relate. What seems to help me sometimes is to shift focus, by taking a walk, to look through some botanical books or to just lay out some of my cabochons and sketch around them. If I try to force it, nothing good comes out of it.
Hope your muse will return soon! Love your latest work!