Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am reminded once again that being an artist on Etsy or any other online selling venue brings with it copy cats. I don't see it as a form of flattery because I put my whole heart and soul into a piece of jewelry that I create, undistracted from other jewelry artists out there. These, my creations come from a place deep within myself, a sacred place where I collect my daily inspirations. My art reflects on what I was feeling at the time I created a piece, whether it be blissful, joyous or painful. It all shines through. It took me quite a while to where I am now, feeling comfortable enough to let my inspirations guide me, unforced. Each piece is a reflection of what I experienced from start to finish. Perhaps I shouldn't take it too seriously, perhaps I'm like a mother hen who's trying to protect her little chicks. I guess there is no real way to get away from copy cats, especially when ones work is out on the internet. 

I have lots of work to do today and getting some orders out for shipment. Going to squeeze in a bit of time for Pilates and perhaps a walk if the weather allows. Right now its pouring rain. I love that though, being inside when its raining and firing up the torch and creating something unique. I have some really cool pendants and earrings on the way. 

Etsy has been really slow for me this past month. I think a lot of Etsy sellers are feeling a tad frustrated over some search issues we are all experiencing on there. Etsy is has become so huge with tons and tons of sellers that once an item is listed it gets quickly buried underneath everyone else's without being seen. It's not a good thing. Although for sellers who already have a huge customer base it doesn' t seem to slow down their sales. 
I hope they'll fix this issue.
I am also going to have my items up for sale on Dawanda ( ) and Handmade fusion ( ).

Have a cozy and fabulous saturday everybody!




LL said...

Hi Sabine - Just wanted to send a note of encouragement :) I'm not a seller, but I've heard similar complaints from other Etsy-ers (including a friend of mine). Yeah, the internet kind of sucks in that way. My blog content gets scraped by robots putting content on sites that are designated specifically to generate $ from AdSense and such. It's just reality and there's not much I can do about it. I realize this is different from someone copying your jewelry on Etsy, which must be much more frustrating.

Who's copying you? I'd be curious to see (won't buy of course!). For what it's worth, I haven't seen *anything* like your stuff on other Etsy shops. And when I found your shop, the work stood out heads and tails above what many other Etsy shops. Very distinct. But it's true that I stumbled across your store. I forget how I came across the piece I bought (which I still wear every day), but I think I was looking for "cast silver" and came across a piece in your shop. What Etsy could do is allow buyers to save searches. I regularly look for "Cast silver" or "matte silver" or "forged silver"...stuff like that, just browsing for fun, and each time I have to type it in. I wonder why they don't allow saved searches (or maybe they do and I'm a dunce at figuring out how to set this up!).

I kind of feel like Etsy has 3 levels of sellers -- ones that have fun, mass-production pieces on the cheaper end, ones who are self-representing artists, and ones who are, well, I don't know what they are, but their stuff is very pricey $$$ and I think Etsy is just a venue to show some of their work. Some of it is amazing, but more like going to a museum. :) Anyway, that's my ad-hoc take as a buyer. I strongly prefer one-of-a-kind pieces, unless I'm just buying something for a practical purpose.

But rest assured I'll be back to your store in the future :)

Sabine said...

Hi Leslie, thank you so very much for such a wonderful message and words of encouragement!

Actually I don't think either that they allow saved searches, for whatever reason. Perhaps I have to start tagging differently. Helpful to find out what you type in the search field when you look for something specific.
The shop that looked like they copied a couple of my pieces on Etsy is no longer active. I wonder what happened. I never got in contact with them or with Etsy. After all I don't have copyrights on any of my designs. To much of a hassle and costly as well. I will keep on staying true to myself and my designs and look forward to a great venture without being side-tracked.

Thanks again! Nice to see you here:)