Monday, October 6, 2008

Workbench mania

It's been a busy weekend for me. I've ordered tons of supplies to be ready for the upcoming holiday season. I also need to be prepared for two large local craft shows that are happening next month. There is nothing more exciting for me than to unpack the new supplies and tools and try them out asap. I feel like a kid on christmas.
I am working on a new line of rings, some bezel set, some just plain silver with some forged embellishments. I love this time of year here in Tromsø. The days are getting shorter, the winds are blowing and the frost has moved in as you can see in the pictures. It's a great time for me to feel inspired. I have also been doing a whole bunch of knitting ( which I like to do while watching TV ). I find it quite relaxing. Just got to have a project going at all times :) Call me crazy, but I love to be busy. I'm never bored. Life is great, make lemons while you can!

Okay, I hear my hot water cooker boiling, calling to fill up the cup with hot chocolate. It's TV night here at the Gables. Actually, it's Hell's Kitchen. I'm in love with Gordon Ramsay. He might be a crazy dude, but I love I respect his drive and passion!

Nighty night!


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