Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baking Bonanza

Just came back from a windy and slushy run and decided to spend the rest of the day staying inside, baking and watching movies with John.
Thinking about baking some Boboli bread, pizza and cinnamon buns. I get into these kind of baking spurts once in a while when I feel like I have to channel some of my left over creative energy into something other than making jewelry. It gets too consuming at times, and I do need the occasional break from it. I do miss at times being a pastry chef. Although I would never want to step another foot into a professional kitchen. I don't think I could deal with the daily stresses of that kind of job ever again. Not for that kind of pay anyways. 
Perhaps I will go skating later on this evening. I always loved it even though I can't skate backwards. ☺
Tomorrow I will need to spend some quality time with some incredibly beautiful new stones I got in from my new supplier. Thinking about Cabochon work and how to implement it into some of my new ideas that I haven't seen anywhere before. 

I'm off to the shop to get some ingredients for the above indulgences.

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