Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little new treasures


Both of these pieces below are made from recycled sterling silver. I'm quite happy the way they turned out. But I love organic and abstract pieces of jewelry.

I have ordered a ton of new stones that should arrive sometime next week. Been already sketching out some new designs and can't wait to put them into use.

The summer seems to be finally making an appearance here. We've bee having some nice weather these past two weeks. I mean we are not talking about high temperatures, but warm enough to enjoy firing up the BBQ outside. Once the sun is out in its full bloom most grocery stores here are filled with what it called " Grillmat" ( BBQ food ). Tomorrow is Norway's national day and the streets are filled with people watching the marching band parades. A lot of people get dressed up in their states "Bunad" which is a tradional folk costume. Norway is actually quite a patriotic country and takes great pride in its traditions.

I'm off making some brownies for John to take to work tomorrow. Have you noticed that I either bake or make jewelry?
I do other things on occasion, trust me...hehehe...

A couple of answers to some questions I get most often:

* I don't have children. I love them, but have decided not to have any. If that thought changes I'll let you know:-)

* The names for the jewelry I use on Etsy are song titles, chosen from our iTunes library. This fits great, especially since we are both huge music fans.

* The music I listen to most is westcoast music. It is a genre that includes a lot of very skilled musicians and has a very distinctive sound that one can recognize right away. For instance, one of my favorites right now is singer/songwriter Jarle Bernhoft. You can view the Youtube video of his best song below. The video is some sort of home made version that someone unrelated made, the song however is his. I LOVE it.

Have a happy sunday everybody!

Big hug,


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