Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pretty pretty stones

I'm excited! I got one of my shipments of stones today for my one of a kind items.The beauty of them blew me away completely! I am really blessed with having such a great and reliable supplier. The stones are always high quality and expensive, but well worth it. I don't want to compromise anything when it comes to my stones. Once I had gotten some cabochons from an ebay seller and when I tumbled the final product almost all of the color disappeared! It's always good to get your supplies from a reliable source.I like knowing that my customers are wearing something unique and special.

If you would like me to make a custom order for you using one of the pictured stones, act fast because I will be sketching out new designs this weekend!

It's a holiday here in Norway tomorrow! I think I might spend the day outside shooting some pictures if the weather stays as nice as it has been in the last couple of weeks. I guess if it's raining I might just continue working in my studio:D




Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stones; they look good enough to eat. Could you recommend a supplier for prehnite...I really want a cab but it is hard to find.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH~! i loveeeeeeee your stones I collect stones lol...the lapis is so pretty...turqoise( spelling) and that Amethyst is my all time favorite~! wish i had the money to buy a few items from you....BTW i never take my ring off i love it~! ty again for a great item :)