Sunday, May 23, 2010


Although the weather is screaming for me to go outside, but I have been stuck inside with a nasty cold the last four days. I think the last time I was sick was about three years ago when I was working as a kindergarten assistant. I think the stresses of the move and all that comes with it weakened my immune system. Plus I haven't been eating too healthy either. Things are going to change. I am also glad that I found a job at a huge local hotel. I will be doing all sorts of things. Mainly being a assistant for the head of the housekeeping department. I will be starting on the 3rd of June. I guess I will only be working 80% so I can continue with my first love which is metalsmithing.
This morning I decided to spend some time in my studio instead of moping around feeling sick. I find if I spend time focusing my energy on something I love I get better much quicker. That's why I always think that making jewelry is like therapy for me. I just get lost for a few hours and I am in the zone. It's such a happy place and I often have to make myself quit. My jewelry holds so many different emotions that I feel at the time I create a piece. It makes a piece of jewelry very personal actually.
I have a ton of new cabs that I am going to put to good use in the next little while. I found this awesome jewelry supply shop about a 40 minute drive from here. I'm hooked!

Going to continue working a bit more and then I will have to find something to make for dinner.

Have a lovely sunday everyone!


I'll leave you with pictures of the three rings I created today ( they are all listed in my etsy shop now ).


janil said...

Wow!!!I have a pair of earrings in green like this ring!!! Well, not equal... All of them are lovely!

A big hug!

Sabine A. Jewelry said...

Thanks Janil!
Sending you a big hug as well!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rings - I love the red one and I like your double bands.