Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lunch with birds

I know I seem to be getting excited about the warm weather we are having here in southern Norway these days, but having lived at 69 degrees north, above the arctic circle for 4.5 years makes you really appreciate when you can feel the warmth on your face, sweat dripping and finally wearing skirts and shorts that I had tugged away for the past few years.
Today John and I went for a drive to check out some neighboring towns and also to familiarize ourselves with the area. Had lunch at a lovely bakery overlooking the ocean.
Bought some potting plants yesterday and had fun filling a couple of planters. Once the porch is cleaned up with still some of our moving boxes I will take some pictures.
In the meanwhile I'll leave you with some pictures I took today on our drive.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


Some of my potting plants

Blooming cherry tree in our yard

Some beautiful houses we saw today

A couple of visiting birds during lunch

The view across the ocean from where we had lunch

A field of what we call here "mustard flowers"

An ancient church with cemetery

My latest necklace. Oxidized sterling silver pendant, organic and melted style. Set with a red garnet cabochon atop three flower petals.

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