Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little bling update


Hope everyone had a very pleasant and relaxing easter weekend!

Mine was great. I worked pretty much the whole weekend to finish some custom orders. I used to complain about working 40 hr weeks, now I work at least double so much. It doesn't seem like work actually, time just flies by so quickly because I enjoy every minute of it ( well, I'm lying, it's not fun when the solder doesn't want to flow right or when saw blades keep on breaking). However, the large part is tons of fun, although lately i find myself missing some sort of balance in my life. I am sooo looking forward to having spring arrive here in northern Norway so I can go for my walks along the beach down below, with my blanket and sketchbook in tow and enjoy the ocean breeze....*sigh*...

Below are three new pieces I just listed in my Etsy shop!

Hope you'll like 'em!




Anonymous said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE the all but OMG i love the first ring VERY PRETTY...

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful...your bezel work is so perfect.