Friday, April 3, 2009

It seems like that I do my best and most efficient work when I am trying to cope with inner turmoil.
My dad is not feeling so great these days. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of years ago and has since had radiation therapy. Now, after having just had some unrelated surgery they found a couple of swollen lymph nodes that seems to be of some concern. His doctor has told him a while back that the cancer he's had is of an aggressive type. He is obviously worried and so is my mom. I so hope he'll be okay.
My dad and I have never really been close. It was tough growing up as the oldest of three girls. He had quite an aggressive nature about him and would often yell and scream at us for no apparent reason. Stress was a common factor in my life. Having to worry constantly about whether I had done something wrong or not. Yikes, that was just awful.
He has since changed a lot and is a lot more reserved and calmer than he used to be. I love my dad and owe him a great deal even though he has caused me a lot of pain back then. He's had it tough and should've dealt with his demons before having brought us into this world. Back then, sadly, it was almost a common factor to be brought up in a strict way.
Anyways, I have grown a lot and put all my energy into being the best person I can be and without my creativity I would go bonkers. I need it like water. Today was a day of intense creating. I need that. It felt extremely therapeutic and filled with joy and good music. I try and put my sadness into something creative and it works ( almost ) every time.

Now, I'm off to take my last few items out of the tumbler and make myself something to eat...I'm starving!

Below are some new items I finished today!

Ciao for now,




Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your dad, I hope the lymph nodes turn out to be nothing serious.

That necklace with the little leaf is particularly cute.

Sabine said...

Hi Liz! :-)
Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate that!
I hope as well that he will be well again!

Been doing some studio cleaning and came across a ton of different types of supplies that I haven't used in ages. That's how that leafy necklace came about. I think it looks good with the silk string.

Have a lovely day!