Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fresh from the bench

Here are three more pieces I managed to finish today! Little bit quirky, fun and whimsical. My style these days. I am sure that will change again. I tend to go from rough and rugged, to fine, to whimsical and then back to rustic. I never know what kind of mood my eager muse is into when she is active.
I just go with the flow.

The first piece is composed of agua nueava agate, mother of pearl and sterling silver. I actually had something completely different in mind when I started on this piece, but somewhere along the crafting process it changed. The first word John uttered when he saw it was "Aztec". I didn't really mean to make anything aztec inspired, rather botanical. I guess it has both elements to some extend.

The second necklace is a fun little necklace that showcases a beautiful jasper druzy in this gorgeous green-blue color, a lovely flower and a hand sawn butterfly. Just charming I might say.

And then lastly we have a "forest trail" necklace which features a running deer, a moon and and several flattened silver granules on copper. Dangling below is a stunning golden colored rutilated quartz cabochon. Love this one because it resembles my love for the outdoors, wildlife and the night sky. 

The "Aztec" piece is already listed in the Etsy shop! The other two I'll be listing either tonight or tomorrow. If any of these tickles your fancy let me know and I can reserve them for you!

Wishing you all a happy monday!

Thanks for reading!


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