Monday, March 30, 2009

New items

It just goes to show that inspirations can often come from very odd things. For example, this ring was inspired by a recent blog posting I read ( yes, Vita, your blog posting...yum! :-) about jelly beans... ( by the way, one of my favorite little indulgences ).
This ring is very rustic and comes with a nice Turquoise bezel set Cabochon and a molten organic band.
As most of you can tell I love organic pieces in combination with some precious stones and metals. Well, I had the circle shapes made quite a while back and just needed to figure out how to implement it into a design. This one comes with two hand cut and stamped leaves, a lovely Amethyst bezel set Cabochon and a forged 14 carat gold filled clasp. It's a very romantic kind of necklace.

Well, and here we have a handcrafted Lotus pendant necklace with a gorgeous Lapis bezel set Cabochon, oxidized sterling chain and a 14 carat gold filled clasp.

All these pieces will be in my shop tomorrow or perhaps tonight if I have the time to list them!

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