Friday, September 17, 2010

Random pictures I take on my walks

Fall has arrived here in southern Norway. A beautiful time of year to capture the colors of the vast and rugged landscapes here. Although this picture has been color manipulated by me I still wanted to bring forth an autumn's feel, crisp air, rays of sunshine sneaking its way through trees and branches and shine upon fallen leaves, reflecting on a summer gone by.

I most often carry a camera when taking walks. A "bad" picture can be transformed into something really fabulous by manipulating colors in graphic programs. This one I retouched in iPhoto which comes with any Mac computer.

Trying out some color schemes in iPhoto.

Abstract artwork by a Norwegian artist. I want them all!

A funny glass sculpture by a Norwegian glass artist.

A saw these as I was walking past a local artists studio: A painted snow board. What a cool idea . I absolutely love the colors.
Hello everyone!
Just sitting here in my studio, gazing through the window thinking how lucky I am to be here in this beautiful country, to share my life with the most amazing man and to get to craft jewelry. Today I wanted to share with you some colorful pictures of the area I live in. Hope you will enjoy them!

Have a happy friday everyone!
I'll be in my studio if you need me! :)

xx - Sabine