Thursday, September 2, 2010

And there were another two

Believe it or not, but I somehow managed to "squeeze" in another two necklaces today! 
One with a lovely blue lace agate that features a nice scalloped edge and a  leaf that I printed on my rolling mill.
The other one is a heart shaped pendant necklace that I embellished with different sized sterling silver balls and a cute little "flower".
I think I am going back in my studio for a while to start another project. Going to have to work at my day job for the next four days, so there won't be much time in between to make anything new.

Fall is not far off here in southern Norway. I can tell today, although the sun is in its full bloom, that there is a sense of crispness in the air. Looking forward to fall. My favorite time of the year!

Enjoy your day wherever you are!

xo - Sabine

Sterling silver heart pendant in a rustic oxidized style.

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