Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ruby Heart

Been making a few of these hearts in the last few months for custom orders. This one in my opinion is the prettiest yet to date. It features a bezel set 8x7mm pink ruby that I set inside a pure silver flower.
The heart is shaped as I am melting the silver. A very tedious process. One has to work very quickly without melting everything out of shape. I like the rustic look without the patina. This one I sanded smooth, yet is still has some lovely intentional dents to keep it a unique, yet rustic look. A brightly polished finish really makes this heart stand out. 
I made another, smaller one with a red garnet. Pictures of that one will have to wait perhaps until tomorrow. I am having bread dough on the go again and I am not sure if I will have enough daylight to take more pictures. 

Hope you all had a happy sunday! I sure did!

xx - Sabine

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