Monday, September 5, 2011

How has your weekend been?
Mine was spectacular. I did so much. More than I have been able to accomplish in a long time. I was baking, cooking, crafting jewelry ( what else is new ) and enjoying some lazy times on the sofa watching reality TV with my sweet boyfriend. Mindless Television, but who can beat an episode of Project Runway or X-Factor?
I made three lovely similar items today. They are all inspired by my love of nature like most of my creations.
There is so much inspiration right now for me that I could sit and create almost all day without getting tired. I know that there will be coming a "down" time again when it feels like the muse will never strike again....however, I have learned through the last couple of years that taking a break from doing my craft is essential once in a while. Taking a step back and enjoying other forms of creativity like sewing, knitting, cooking and baking helps me stay centered. I am definitively not a person that can sit still for a long time. I like to get as much out of a day as I can. Boredom definitively does not exist in this household. Obviously when I'm working at my other job a couple of days a week I don't have that much energy left over to do other things. I'm not superwoman....hehehehe

These will be my last new items for the next couple of days. I think I will try and finish some of my sketches first for my new catalogue items.

All three will be available here sometime before wednesday. If you'd like to reserve one, let me know! :)

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Thanks for reading!




Dina said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend :) Must be a great job that lets you to cut down to a couple days a week!
Lucky lady!
Congrats on the wedding too, does it feel strange calling him hubby instead of boyfriend? :D

SilverLinesJewelry said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend indeed!

I love these new pendants!


Echoes of Norway said...

I'm lucky about my job situation, yes! It's a great feeling to have more time for creating.
Oh, gosh, I had no idea that "hubby" actually is short for husband....hahahaha....language barrier, sorry about that. So, nope I'm not married ( yet ) :D

Thanks so much! Hope your weekend was equally fun! :)