Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

In between fabricating some local custom orders I did squeeze in some more time casting silver. I went through my yard the other day and picked some twigs for casting. One of the pendants I made today comes from one of my lilac bushes. I love it's organic look. It's a tad quirky and I was told that it reflects my humorous personality. I love the way it turned out. All the grains and sprouts are showing especially after a little hand applied patina. It measures 1.6" (42mm ) and is built of solid sterling silver.

This delightful pendant comes with an extra long long chain ( 22" inches ). 

I also made another hand casted medallion necklace, this time with a little twist. This one is adorned with tiny silver granules and a beautiful 12mm carnelian. It is also oxidized and softly brushed to highlight all the lovely details.

Lastly I cast a very sturdy and thick sterling silver band. There was lots and lots of sanding and polishing on this baby, but I love the end result. Shiny, smooth and built to last. I'll be making them available in my shops soon!

Both of these necklaces will be in my shop later on today!

I'm off for some spinning! 

Happy thursday Y'all!



nova by tess said...

I love lilacs! I am blown away by the gorgeous colors of the original twig.
Your cast one turned out great!

Echoes of Norway said...

Thanks Tess! :)
I am surprised to be still finding such deep green twigs with these lovely buds in the middle of september. I think I might have to clip some more to put in a vase.

gallerydarrow said...

Wow your cast piece is especially gorgeous! I love it!!

Echoes of Norway said...

Nice to hear! Thank you so much Rochelle!!!

littlecherryhill said...

Love them all, but spesh the twig!

Dina said...

Simply fantastic! I can't wait to see where else your casting path will lead you!