Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept.27, 2011

Today I opened my mailbox and found this:

Design ideas that my 11 year old German niece Lea sketched out for me! She was completely fascinated by my jewelry when we visited just a few weeks ago and told me she'll send me some of her own ideas.

She has a lot of creative talent and wants to be a clothing designer ( or perhaps jewelry designer ) when she grows up.

So incredibly touching. I saw some of her clothing sketches and couldn't believe that an 11 year old has such a creative talent. I will encourage that as much as I possibly can, even from afar.
I love her.

Lea and her charmingly sweet brother Henrik

I think it's so important to encourage creativity in children.

With this said, I am going to take out the pizza from the oven and watch a recorded episode of the British Fear Factor!

Hope monday has been good to you wherever you are!

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Amy Nicole said...

That is so cool! My 9 year old sometimes draws me jewelry designs. I love how they are so creative at that age! Encourage her for sure!

Echoes of Norway said...

Aww, that is cute! Their ideas are not forced which makes it so much more special! Been thinking about making her something using one of her designs:)

Anonymous said...

These are great design sketches for someone so young. I hope she keeps doing it. I'm sure she would *love* seeing one of them come to life via someone she loves & admires!

Echoes of Norway said...

I also hopes she keeps it up. Sad that we are so far apart, otherwise I would invite her into my studio and show her the process of metalsmithing...perhaps one day :)

sundownbeaddesigns said...

You obviously had a huge impression on her! Kids are so creative! My daughter loves to go out into the studio with me.

nova by tess said...

Those a great! I bet she would love to get one of her designs made by you. That would be really special.

Echoes of Norway said...

sundownbead.: I guess most young girls are attracted to pretty sparkling things. I remember how excited I was when my mother brought home beads and string. It was such a great time. Fun developing a child's interest.

I think they will make great christmas presents for her and her mother!